Saturday, 29 May 2010

Stars of Diff'rent Strokes react to Gary Coleman's death - Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson - "Charlene DuPrey"

Janet Jackson guest-starred as Todd Bridges' love interest Charlene on a series of episodes of Diff'rent Strokes

Janet Jackson said "I'm at a loss for words upon learning of Gary Coleman's passing, I want to remember him as the fun, playful, adorable and affectionate man he was. He has left a lasting legacy. I know he is finally at peace."

Stars of Diff'rent Strokes react to Gary Coleman's death - Todd Bridges

Todd Bridges - "Willis Jackson"

Todd Bridges, who played Willis to Coleman's Arnold on the hit sitcom, has also spoken out.

"It's unfortunate," Bridges said in a statement Friday. "It's a sad day. It's sad that I'm the last kid alive from the show."

Stars of Diff'rent Strokes react to Gary Coleman's death - Charlotte Rae

Charlotte Rae - "Mrs Garrett"

"I said a prayer for him this morning after hearing about his condition. Gary was so loving, so charming. He was the big star of the show."

Rae also starred in the "Diff'rent Strokes" spin-off, "The Facts of Life" -- which might never have happened without Gary's success.

"He was the reason the show was a hit."

Friday, 28 May 2010

Gary Coleman is dead RIP

As a kid I loved Different Strokes. What a shame....

US child star Gary Coleman has died after suffering a brain haemorrhage in a fall earlier this week.

Coleman, 42, had been in intensive care at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center since Thursday.

He was surrounded by family and close friends when the decision to turn off his life support machine was taken tonight.

It was the third time the 4ft 8in actor had been hospitalised this year, after suffering seizures in January and February.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Jessica Simpson says no to daily teeth brushing

She claims it makes her teeth slippery and seemingly prefers the feel from a generous two days coating....eeeew!!!!

Jessica Simpson doesn't brush her teeth every day - because she doesn't like them to be too "slippery".

The blonde beauty avoids scrubbing her gnashers more than three times a week instead choosing to floss.

During an appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' , she revealed: "I don't do it because my teeth are so white and I don't like them to feel too slippery but I do use Listerine and I do floss everyday. But I don't brush them every day.

"My lips just slide all over the place... I can't catch up with my mouth.

I need a little coating."

Despite her sporadic dental hygiene, Jessica is adamant she always has pleasant smelling breath.

She added: "I know it's gross but I always have fresh breath. It's really weird but I have great breath."

The 29-year-old singer also revealed she is on the lookout for a new man and insists a guy doesn't have to be famous to date her.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Free entry to the Tower of London

Tower of London - Free Entry


Top 10 UK Attraction

Take a guided tour of the Tower of London with one of the Yeoman Warders, the famed Beef-eaters, one of the most famous fortified buildings in the world. Discover its 900 year history as a royal palace and fortress, prison and place of execution, mint, arsenal, menagerie and jewel house all for free


The Tower of London, founded by William the Conquerer in 1066-7, holds some of the most remarkable stories from across the centuries. Despite a grim reputation as a place of torture and death, this powerful and enduring fortress has been enjoyed as a royal palace, served as an armoury and for a number of years even housed a zoo!

Crown Jewels

The Tower is still home to her majesty's Crown Jewels, on display for visitors to see, and the infamous Beefeaters tasked with the job of guarding them as well as showing visitors some of the attractions highlights.


The famous Yeoman Warders have bloody tales to tell; stand where heads rolled and prisoners wept. The Tower held many famous prisoners, from the highest levels of society; some in astonishing comfort and others less so… Visit the places of their confinement and read the graffiti left by prisoners from over 500 years ago.

Free Entry

How do I get to visit for Free ? London Pass is the answer, Visit the Tower of London with a London Pass and benefit from:

  • Free entry worth saving up to £17.00 per person.
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Even better with the London Pass you not only get free entry to the Tower of London, but over 55 other top London attractions like The London Zoo , Thames River Cruise, Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace as well as free transport around London and a free 128 page London Guide book.

How does it work?

The London Pass is a ‘smart card’ - like a credit card with a computer chip inside - which allows you completely cash free entry to your choice of 56 London tourist attractions.

It’s a bit like an ‘all you can eat’ buffet - once you’ve bought your London Pass you don’t have to pay to get into any of the attractions covered by the pass and the more sights you see, the more money you save.

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Spike Lee discovers he is mixed race.

Spike Lee the award winning African American film Director has discovered he may have descended from a white slave owner.

Lee was taking part in the U.S. version of the genealogy documentary series 'Who Do You Think You Are?' when he made the discovery.

Lee, who made Do The Right Thing, Malcom X and She's Gotta Have It traced back his ancestry in Atlanta, Georgia, confronting a number of issues including slavery and meeting a new relative.

His first stop was at the Dublin library at the Atlanta University Center, where he met archivist Melvin Collier.

The director wanted to get information about his great great grandmother Lucinda Jackson, who was born into slavery and died in 1934.

Mr Collier helped him find a newspaper obituary for Jackson that named her
three sons but not Lucinda's husband.

He later found out that his name was Mars.

In Lee's debut movie, 'She's Gotta Have It' he named his character Mars, inspired by his grandmother, who had mentioned someone with that name who she said was a 'crazy uncle'.

Discovery: Lee investigates his slave ancestors, discovering that he could be a descendant of a slave owner, and meets Guinevere Grier, pictured, a white woman who is his cousin twice removed

The film director tells Guinevere 'I always knew who I am,' Lee tells her. 'Now I know more'

Lee noted that Mars in the movie was also crazy.

The 53-year-old director then visited the Georgia archives in Atlanta to find out more information on Mars, who he knew as a man born as a slave.

If like Spike Lee you are also interested in researching your family history, there are an increasing number of internet based resources that can help.

Websites like Genes Reunited with millions of birth, marriage and death certificates, census records and other tools that means you too can trace your family tree from the comfort of your home.

Read more about Spike Lee discovers he is mixed race...

Halle Berry splits from Gabriel Aubry

Another day, another Hollywood couple split. Hot on the heels of Sandra Bullock's is Halle Berry whose relationship with Canadian model is now over.

Halle Berry reportedly "kicked out" Gabriel Aubry several months ago after realising their relationship was over.

The Oscar-winning actress decided to end her four-and-a-half year union with the Canadian model as she knew her future wasn't with him, but wanted the split to be as amicable as possible for the sake of their daughter, Nahla, two.

A source told People magazine: "She kicked him out months ago because he wasn't able to pull his weight in the relationship and she wanted to move on.

A representative for twice-married Halle confirmed the break-up, saying: "They have been split for some time, but remain friends and committed parents to their daughter."

Gabriel, 34, has recently spoken out about the split saying the priority for him and 43-year-old Halle was little Nahla.

He said: "While I will not comment on all of the wild inaccuracies being speculated about in the media, I am sad to say that Halle and I have decided together to separate at this time.

"She is, and will forever be one of the most special and beautiful people that I have ever known, and I am certain that we will continue to have only love and respect for one another."

"We have been blessed with the most amazing daughter in the world, and her happiness and well-being are the most important thing for both of us. Please respect our privacy during this very difficult time."