Saturday, 24 October 2009

Cheryl Cole "I would snog Dannii"

Cheryl Cole handed her drooling male fan base an XXX-tra special fantasy last night after confessing she would snog fellow X-Factor beauty Dannii Minogue.

The Girls Aloud star made her confession during a live web chat on MySpace where she played a game of 'snog, marry and avoid', choosing between Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Minogue.

The singer, 26, then stunned her fans when she picked the Australian stunner as her fantasy kiss writing "We would have to go snog Dannii" she wrote. "I'd kind of like to avoid the other two..."

"I'd kind of like to avoid the other two but I could not bear the thought of being married to Simon Cowell" she continued. "Because one, you would not get a word in edgeways, two he is always right, and three because it's enough just sitting next to him on the weekend"

She declared, leaving her no choice but to 'Marry' Louis.

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