Friday, 23 January 2009

And the Winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2009 is ............

.....Drum roll - it is Ulrika-ka-ka-ka Jonsson.

Yes the Swedish bombshell (can we still call her that) has emerged as the somewhat surprising winner of the Celebrity Big Brother 2009 finale. It looks like Channel 4 who screened the series have got the winner they always wanted after they alledgedly paid Ms. Jonsson a whopping £175,000 appearance fee for the three week series, the most paid to any of the contestants.

Ulrika beat off the challenge of professional Mancunian and radio presenter Terry Christian.

So the final result is (in descending order of eviction).

Ulrika Jonsson (Winner)
Terry Christian
Verne Troyer
Ben Adams
Tommy Sheridan
Latoya Jackson
Michelle Heaton
Mutya Buena (Walked off)
Tina Malone
Lucy Pinder

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