Friday, 30 January 2009

Robby is back in England ...

Is a full Take That reunion on the cards?

Robby Williams has left the sunny climes of Los Angeles and jetted back into the artic conditions we are currently 'enjoying' in England. Reports say he left because he's been feeling a bit homesick and to be honest it is isn't like he has been particularly creative music-wise in the last few years over there.

Maybe the return back to Blighty can re-spark the creative flames and and I guess to help along the way he has splashed out on a sumptuous £7 million mansion in Wiltshire (north-west of London).

Or maybe it is an opportunity to link up with the other Take That boys who since their reformation in 2005 have gone down a storm with three UK No1 singles and two platinum albums. the industry is buzzing with rumours that a full reunion might be on the cards and Gary Barlow has not ruled out the opportunity for Robbie to rejoin the fold although Robbie's Manager has since played down the rumours.

Whose right whose wrong, we watch....

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