Saturday, 18 July 2009

Irish Cinema warns customers over Bruno

Sacha Baron Cohen loves courting controversy, and the characters he has created over the years have really pushed comedy and taste to the limit, from Ali G the sururban wannabe gangsta rapper, through Borat the interprid Journalist from the depths of Kazakhstan, to Bruno the uber-camp and flamboyantly gay Austrian TV reporter.

Of all his creations Bruno is arguably the most outrageous, so much so that a tiny Irish Cinema in Navan, Co Meath has issued a hilarious warning to its customers on its answerphone.

Click here to listen to the answerphone message

The message is clear, the sensitivities of the good folk of Navan may not withstand the assault Bruno launches of all things they consider good and proper. The announcer kicks off by reading off times for other films showing and when it comes to Bruno he has this to say

"Today we are showing Bruno at 3.15pm and 8.20pm and it carries a 16 cert. Now, Bruno is particularly vile. It leads to a hell of a lot of complaints from people who say, 'We didn't think it was that bad'."

"It is that bad, it will offend every prejudice in the book, believe me so don't come on after the film and tell us how horrible it was."

However as is said the exception proves the rule he ends his review with

"One or two people have enjoyed it though."

And if you don't know what Bruno is about, here is the trailer

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