Sunday, 12 July 2009

Lewis Hamilton vs Jensen Button - Who's top?

Not as Formula 1 racing drivers, cos to be honest I have no idea and it seems to be as a casual watcher of the sport that who is the best, depends really on who has the best car.

I am interested in the difference in the attention they have got from the British media. This year has been a great year for Jensen Button on the Formula 1 circuit. He is leading the F1 championship, like any self-respecting racing driver has a beautiful model girlfriend, and is British. You would think that would generate acres of headlines for him, but it doesn't seemed to have happened, at least not in comparison to the headlines around Lewis Hamilton over the last two years.

Jensen Button and girlfriend Jessica Michibata

Hamilton won the Championship in 2008 and came close as a rookie in 2007, he also has the glamour girlfriend - Nicole Scherzinger, but over those two years he amassed masses of headlines. This year a dip in form (that should really be a dip in the form of his car) has seen him out of contention for the Championship and the coverage of F1 outside the sports pages has up till now dropped across the board.

Lewis Hamilton and girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger

Then suddenly at today's German Grand Prix, Hamilton is back in contention at least for this race and even on the weather reports there are references to the German Grand Prix and how it would affect Hamilton's chances, no mention of Button.

I understand there is a fascination with Hamilton's back story, the first black British driver to make it in to F1, a profession that is the exclusive preserve of middle-class white males, the dedication of a dad who gave everything to see his son get where he was, and ultimately victory in only his second year on the F1 circuit.

Good back story, but what about Jensen's years toiling away at the rear end of the championship and just when everyone thought all his career would amount to was a footnote in history his upsets all odds as he roars onto a completely unexpected championship, isn't that news worthy?

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