Thursday, 18 June 2009

Ronaldo and Paris Hilton what gives?

He is famous for his dazzling skills on the football pitch and she is famous for ...well for being famous for reasons no one has fully worked out, and the unlikely 'friendship' between ex-Manchester United striker Ronaldo and heiress and party girl extraordinaire Paris Hilton is setting the celebrity circuit alight.

Ronaldo and Paris met up as Ronaldo celebrated his world record £80m transfer from Manchester United to Spanish giants Real Madrid at the posh My House night club on Hollywood Boulevard, LA. Witnesses in the club on the night said the the spark between the two was instant, with one clubber who was quoted in the The Sun newspaper describing the meeting

"Ronaldo and Paris were all over each other, kissing in a VIP booth. They were kissing on the lips and meeting people as a couple, holding hands or with his arm around her. Her hands were all over his lap. There was a lot of very suggestive body language."

"They looked adorable together. It was as though they'd been dating for ages. He was reclined all the way back in a chair with his legs spread wide open. It looked almost pornographic."

"Paris's black minidress was getting higher and higher as the night wore on. At one point people on a neighbouring table threw silver confetti at them. A bunch stuck to Paris's upper thigh, which she draped over Ronaldo's lap."

They met up again the next day for a private party and now Paris says she ready to jet over to Madrid to meet up with Ronaldo. Gushing over her new beau she has vowed that “I am totally going to Madrid to see him,”

Looks like we may have the making of a new WAG. Paris is currently in Dubai for the filming of her BFF (Best Friend Forever) Dubai show.

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