Sunday, 14 March 2010

Sarah Killen : The rise of the Twitterati!

We probably could all guess by now that the if there is one place it is easy to gains some fame, it is the Internet. Just how easy it is may be a bit of a shock to people.

Take the case of soon to be married Sarah Killen. Unknown to anyone other than friends, work mates and family as most of us are. Then out of the blue talk show host Conan O'Brien decide to make her the only person he follows on Twitter and BOOM instant Twitter made celebrity - Twitterati.

March 5th she had 3 followers on Twitter now she has 28,000.

Bride-to-be Sarah Killen has the US TV star Conan O'Brien to thank for her sudden Twitter fan explosion.

The ex-Tonight Show host picked Miss Killen, 19, from Michigan, as the only person he would follow on Twitter.

‘I’ve decided to follow someone at random. Sarah Killen, your life is about to change,’ his posting read last Friday.

Since then she been showered with gifts, including a wedding dress and free wine, and is getting 150 new Twitter followers a minute.

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