Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Sasha and Malia Obama adjusting well to White House life.

President Obama has revealed in an interview that his two daughters are adjusting extremely well to life in the White House.

The President had a big pat on the back for his young daughters on Tuesday, saying they have taken swimmingly to life in the White House.

After more than a year at the US presidential mansion, Malia Obama, 11, and Sasha Obama, 8, have made their dad proud with their ability to balance their private life with life in the public eye, he told NBC television.

"The happiest thing about the past year and a half has been the girls' adjustment. They have just been terrific. They're doing well in school," Obama said.

"They're not as constrained. They can wander around. Their Secret Service protection is a lot more low key," he explained. "So they've got soccer, they've got basketball, they go sleep over at their friend's houses.

"Sometimes I've got 12 little girls screaming on the third floor of the White House. And they made a great adjustment."

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