Thursday, 18 March 2010

Siobhan Magnus was the one to watch

The Boston Herald reports on a night of triumph for local girl Siobhan Magnus as she survives this week's cut on American Idol.

Siobhan Magnus survived to sing another week on Fox’s “American Idol.”

Her moody rendition of “Paint it Black” stuck out from a number of shaky performances from the show’s top 12 during Rolling Stones week.

Pre-teens rejoiced and somewhere Mick Jagger and Keith Richards chortled when it was revealed fresh-faced Tim Urban also made the cut, forcing the genuinely talented Lacey Brown upon the judges’ mercy.

For the first time, Simon Cowell and his chums have the power to save a contestant in the top 12 from elimintion. The catch: The decision must be unanimous and only used once per season.

Brown kept her composure singing “The Story” while the judges quickly deliberated her fate. As “Idol” faithful know, the Texas songbird failed to make the top 24 in the eighth season. Despite inconsistancies early on as a member of this year’s top 24 - a shaky take on “Landslide” comes to mind - it looked like smooth sailing for the bottle redhead.

Sadly, the judges didn’t think she was worth keeping.

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