Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Katie Price quits Jungle, dumps Alex Reid

Things haven't turned out for Katie Price in the way she would have expected. Her stint on the reality TV show "I Am A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here" (IAACGMOOH) has turned into a disaster and it seems forced her to come to the conclusion that her high profile relationship with Alex Reid was going nowhere.

It was also so different when a few days ago Price jetted into Australia to star in IAACGMOOH after having had her botox topped up in Los Angeles. She was keen to rekindle the popularity she enjoyed during the her last stint on the show in 2004 where she met her ex-husband Peter Andre.

She was sadly mistaken, the British public it seemed where not in a forgiving mood and had clearly taken the side of her ex Peter Andre in their somewhat bitter separation and it showed. Price was voted day after day by the public to take part in a series of humiliating tasks, eventually after her sixth nomination she had enough and walked off the show.

As if that was not enough drama, she announced in an interview with show hosts Ant and Dec, that she had split with Alex Reid because she wants to be single. Not good for Alex as reports had it he was on his way to Australia to propose to her.

Say what you like about Katie Price, but you can't say she does not know how to grab tabloid headlines.

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