Monday, 20 April 2009

Britain's Got Talent : Why did Shaheen get a second chance?

Yes we're back on the the BGT trip. I made my feelings known about the whole Susan Boyle phenomenon. Apparently, despite my concerns, she is heading on to be one of the most viewed clips on YouTube ever having so far notched up 34 million views, go figure.

Enough about Susan, today we turn cast our beady eyes on a enough BGT phenomenon, the youthful prodigy that is Shaheen Jafargholi. Just to clarify Shaheen is clearly very, very talented which is all the more why I am bemused by the nonsense that surrounded his audition.

It started off with Shaheen coming on stage and proceeding to sing 'Valerie" the Zutons song made famous by Amy Winehouse. Now I am no music Svengali but I thought it was a decent performance and the crowd thought so as well as they were cheering along.

Suddenly though Simon Cowell has his hand up calling proceedings to a halt, cue confused looks all around (or should that be supposedly confused looks) and Simon announces enigmatically to Shaheen"you've got this wrong". Now call me pedantic, but at this point isn't he supposed to press his red button to signify his disapproval, aren't Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan supposed to wade in saying how much they loved the act, which they appeared to be doing, wouldn't any normal 12 year old be reduced to a quivering wreck.

No none of this happened instead Simon asked young Shaheen what else he could sing to which the reply came "Who's loving you" by Michael Jackson. Off you go, says Simon and as it happens the backing track to the song is available (thank God for small miracles eh!) and Shaheen launches into an absolutely pitch perfect rendition of the song.

You might be thinking, OK it is not like this hasn't happened before, and you might be right Cowell has given others a second chance at an audition.

What if you learn that young Shaheen beat a bunch of other equally talented kid to nab the lead role in 'Thriller Live', a musical featuring the songs of Michael Jackson, that he has gone on tour to Germany, Holland and Ireland and that he is a veteran of stage school and has appeared several times on TV in shows like Casualty and Dr Who.

Not so blasé are we now. Nothing wrong with a bit of scripting but please make it realistic, this was just appalling. Anyway the bookies have Susan Boyle followed closely by Shaheen as the top favourites to win the whole lot...:-)

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