Sunday, 5 April 2009

Jenson Button : New Kid on the Podium...

Formula 1 is all about speed and it comes as no suprise the speed with which you can go from zero to hero, take the case of Jenson Button. He debuted in Formula 1 in 2000 and over the next eight years he only managed one race win out of the 157 he took part in, not a sterling record by any stretch of the imagination.

While his record on the racing circuit over those years was nothing spectacular, his performance on the party circuit was earning him a lot of attention. Over the years he has been linked with string of beautiful young women including pop singer Louise Griffiths, actresses Florence Brudenell-Bruce and Rose McGowan and most recently lingerie Model Jessica Michibata.

All that changed this year, well at least the racing bit seems to have. As is the case with formula 1 it does not really matter how good or crap you are at driving, get the right car and you are up there battling for glory, and it seems the car lottery came good for Mr Button this year. His Brawn GP car has blitzed the opposition and seen him win the first two grand prix races of the season, effectively trebling his win record.

It also means their may be a change at the top of racing royalty, last year it was all about Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger, this year maybe all about the new formual 1 power couple Jenson Button and Jessica Michibata.

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