Sunday, 26 April 2009

Flawless versus Diversity: Street war on Britian's Got Talent.

With all the hype Susan Boyle and Shaheen Jafargholi have generated you could easily be forgiven for thinking Britain's Got Talent (BGT) is all about singing. You could be forgiven but only if you had not seen the auditions of either Flawless or Diversity.

We have have had dance acts on BGT before and even a winner (George Sampson) but to be honest none of the dance groups or dancers that have gone before are a patch on either of these two groups. They have raised the bar and more. Granted they both been around and in competitions over the years, and it shows as their routines are tight!

Folks, we have dilemma, it is unlikely both groups will make the finals (although it would be great if they did) but I will bet that one of them does. So at some stage we are going to have a dance-off in a sense; Flawless versus Diversity.

Flawless for my money are the better dancers, but Diversity's routine is more entertaining and a polished entertaining routine counts for more than pure talent at these things. They both obviously need to bring a new routine for the next round and that will play a major part in the decider.

Ultimately I think Diversity will trump Flawless, for the reasons above and also they thrown in the cute kid factor with the two kids they have in their group.

What do you think?



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