Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Richard Branson and Sebastien Vettel share a passion for the ladies.

Sir Richard Branson, billionaire business tycoon and Sebastien Vettel Formula 1 racing driver it seems have a shared passion when it comes to the ladies as Branson has revealed in his blog.

Branson was revelling in another superb outing by the Brawn GP Formula 1 team in which his Virgin brand has invested $30 million. After two victories in Malaysia and Australia, where BrawnGP driver Jensen Button won both races albeit on technicalities. Jensen grabbed another podium finish in Shanghai last weekend coming in third behind Sebatien Vettel (Red Bull) and Mark Webber (Red Bull).

It seems Branson has shook off reports in the British tabloid News of the World of a bust up between Jensen and himself over Branson's alleged over-familiarity with Jensen's girlfriend Jessica Michibata.

In the blog Branson who has given several of his planes fairly saucy names like "Hot Lips", "Mustang Sally", "Pretty Woman" and "Miss Behaving" revealed;

A last word on the winner - Sebastien Vettel - who I read likes to name his cars after women and called his first car of the season Kate. We do the same at Virgin Atlantic - where each plane is given a distinctive female name.

Vettel smashed Kate up at the Australian GP and had to rename the car. He called it “Kate’s Dirty Little Sister” as he said this winning car was “more aggressive and faster!” I am not sure we could get away with that at Atlantic!

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