Sunday, 8 February 2009

Eddie Murphy to pay Mel B £7m in child support


Eddie that must have hurt first you deny having a child with Mel B and then you are forced to pay out after the indignity of a DNA test proves you are the kid's dad.

It is a shame Mr Murphy did not listen to his own advice from his breakout (albeit very un-PC) comedy of the 80's - Raw. He tells the story of going out with a woman from Africa until she realises the American dream also includes the part about getting 'half' if your man lets you down.
"Do you know you could take half his money? Did you know that? He didn't tell you you were entitled to half?

He only told you half the story. You can take half the money,the car, the house, the children."

Mel B is not be from Africa and she isn't getting half but £7million will do quite nicely in helping her bring up their daughter Iris Angel.

Reports also say Eddie Murphy has also now agreed to spend time with his daughter. It shouldn't really have taken of 15 months of wrangling to get to this, should it now !

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