Monday, 23 February 2009

Kate Winslet is an Oscar Fashion hit

She wow'ed the awards panel with her performance in the film The Reader and on the night of the 81st Academy Awards show - The Oscars - Kate Winslet also wow'ed the fashion folk with her Yves St Laurent gown best described as "regal".

Elsewhere critics were divided on Angelina Jolie's black Elie Sabb ensemble but we think she carried it off especially with the emerald green earrings, but only just.

Penolope Cruz arrived in a 'vintage' (that's old to you and me) Balmain dress. It takes a certain panache to do this successfully and she did. It also helps your confidence when you collect a best supporting actress award.

Others who dazzled on the night included Slumdog Millionaire star Frieda Pinto in a Royal Blue John Galliano frock and Anne Hathaway in a silver Armani number.

On the not so good side of things was Tilda Swinton who came in some sort of grey and black wrap but then she's never been a stickler for the conventional, Mylie Cyrus who looked like a christmas tree and Whoopi Goldberg just looked out of place

All in all another great (and horrendously expensive) day of high fashion.

Check out some of the dresses in this video

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