Sunday, 15 February 2009

Ellery takes one 'ell of a tumble....

...and is out of Dancing on ice.

Once Todd Carty went, Ellery Hanley was vulnerable and was certainly top in our books to go next.

As many have pointed out it is far more difficult for the celeb men than it is for the women and none more so than the huge ex-Rugby international more used to crunching tackles than swanning around in a leotard.

And so it proved to be, Ellery and Melinda Messenger ended up in the skate-off having finished bottom once the Judges votes and the public phone in vote had been added up.

Ellery's tumble in the skate-off did not help matters and the Judges voted 4-1 to send him home.

Interestingly Coleen Nolan squeezes through on a very average performance and I am beginning to think we were wrong all along maybe Coleen Nolan is the new 'John Sergeant'!

And lastly Ray Quinn, young, good-looking, very competent Ray Quinn. We aren't loving him. if we wanted proper Ice-Skating with no drama, no slip-ups, we would watch re-runs of the Winter Olympics.

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