Saturday, 14 February 2009

Hallelujah!...Alexandra Burke gets £3.5m US deal

Alexandra Burke winner of last years X-Factor is following in the footsteps of her predecessor Leona Lewis as she's just signed a five album US deal worth $3.5m deal with Epic records.

All stops are being pulled out to mirror the success Leona has had stateside. Producers and writers that have guided the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna to success are being lined up to work with Alexandra.

Predictably Alexandra is excited by the prospect and gushed in her blog

Oh my God!!! I cannot believe I have been given a deal in the US!!!

It’s just so exciting and I can’t even explain how it feels. I’m just so happy, and of course so emotional!!!

Cracking America will be another one of my lifelong dreams that is coming true and I just can’t wait to get in that studio!

Good luck to Alex, it going to be tough cos the US produces truckloads of seriously talented singers witness how American Idol puts X-Factor in the shade with its sheer quantity of talent. Anyway enjoy the best of Alexandra Burke duetting with her hero Beyonce.

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