Wednesday, 4 February 2009

X-Factor finalists: Where are they now?

The talent reality show X-Factor is the without doubt one of the most watched programmes on British TV snatching unknown wannabes, dipping them in the syrup of fame and then easing them out into the wide world to fend for themselves. The fifth series of the TV favourite ended just before christmas and we ask where are they now?

The top eight JLS, Eoghan Quigg, Laura White, Diana Vickers, Rachel Hylton, Daniel Evans, Ruth Lorenzo and of course winner Alexandra Burke will all take part in the X-Factor tour. We all know Alexandra is set for bigger things but how have the others fared ?

JLS : Ortise Williams, Marvin Humes, Aston Merrygold and Jonathan Gill X-Factor runners up have hit the the tour circuits hard and are signed up to support Lemar on his UK tour over March and April. They have also signed a major recording contract with Epic Records where they will be joining the likes of Shakira, Lemar and Scouting for Girls.

Eoghan Quigg : May have come third in the competition but is first out with an Album. Having signed up to RCA records he is set to release his debut album on March 16 just in time for Mothers' Day (no it is not a cynical marketing ploy, I think). He has also found new love with 16 year old Eimer Morran after the much hyped ' romance' with fellow contestant Diana Vickers fizzled out.

Diana Vickers : Yes, she of the wavy hands. Like most of her fellow contestants she is doing loads of gigs. She has also bagged a recording contract with RCA. What happened to Gary Barlow we ask? He promised to sign her up if Simon Cowell didn't? I guess with the credit crunch talk is cheaper than ever.

Ruth Lorenzo : Ah our sexy, sultry, Spanish siren. She didn't seem to do a lot post-XFactor other than being photographed shopping with Alexandra Burke, clubbing with Alexandra, holidaying with Alexandra, tanning with Alexandra.......although to be fair to her she did do a gig this month at Toomey Motors showroom in Basildon .. the vagaries of fame, eh.

Rachel Hylton : It looks like Toomey Motors went X-Factor crazy, or got some kind of Cowell-ian "Buy One, Get One Free" offer because also on the bill was Rachel Hylton. She was somwhat late for the occasion after being let down by her driver. Chauffeurs, eh? Elsewhere she is still waiting to see if the contract offer from John Legends recording company comes through, the offer was revealed during one of the X-Factor shows.

Daniel Evans : Well he was never going to be the next X-Factor was he. No he wasn't. He's got the finalist tour but beyond that I think its back to his previous life only a now a bit more famous.

Laura White : Yes we know she was voted off unfairly, if she was so good what has she done since? Well she has been signed up by Epic records, she'll be releasing a single in March, she featured in a concert in Peterborough that pulled in a crowd of 6000, what more do you want ?

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  1. Do your research, man. Ruth's done plenty of gigs.