Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Is Baseball star A-Rod now A-roid?

One of the stars of the US Major League Baseball (MLB) Alex Rodriguez or as he is more popularly known A-Rod has delivered a blow that has shocked baseball and American sport to its core.

The Baseball star has confessed on the US Sports TV network ESPN to have taken substances banned by the Baseball league and we aren't talking about high cholesterol donuts here. In his own words A-Rod confessed to taking the drugs between 2001 - 2003 just after he signed a $175 million deal to take him to the Texas Rangers from the Seattle Mariners.

It was a different culture. I was young, I was stupid and I wanted to prove to everyone I was worth being one of the greatest players of all time and I did take a banned substance.

“For that, I’m very sorry and deeply regretful, although it was the culture back then in baseball overall. I’m sorry for that time, I’m sorry to the fans and I’m sorry to the fans in Texas.

“It wasn’t until then that I thought about using a substance of any kind and since then I’ve proved to myself and to anyone that I don’t need any of that.”

A-Rod or should that be A-Roid now plies his trade for the most recognised franchise in baseball the New York Yankees and signed a new $195 million deal in 2007.

Reacting to the news of his confession the US President called it "depressing news" while the Owner of the Texas Rangers (and co-owner of our own Liverpool FC) Tom Hicks is in shock, reports in the press quote him as saying

"I feel deceived by Alex. He assured me he had too much respect for his own body to do that to himself. I'm shocked."

Rodriguez has also been in the news off and on about his relationship with pop star Madonna particularly after he divorced his wife Cynthia in September about the same time Madonna split from Guy Ritchie.

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