Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Apprentice UK : Baby task proves too rocky for Ben

Ah Ben Clarke. Rarely have I waited for so long,and wanted so much, to see the firing of an Apprentice (with the exception of Katie Hopkins, but she never actually got fired unfortunately). Today I can breathe a sigh of relief as Sir Alan Sugar finally saw sense and booted Ben out of the competition. I guess there is always Sandhurst to fall back on :-)

This week task was simple pick two baby products from a selection and head off to Baby Show at London Earl's Court and sell as many of these products as possible. There was some rejigging of the teams Ben and Yasmine joined James and Debra in Team Empire, while Howard moved across to Ignite with Kate and Lorraine.

James and Lorraine were teams leaders. OK let's cut to the chase where did things go wrong? Simple Ben and Debra saw a very high end rocking horse took one look at it and dismissed all other alternatives, going for the gamble. With each rocking horse costing between £1700 - £2000, sell one and they were home and dry.

The problem is though people don't go to shows like that for the "once in lifetime, get out the credit card and use it to the max" purchase, no they are there for a bargain and a £1700 rocking horse is not a bargain.

Debra to her credit almost grabbed a last minute show winner, but the punter stubbornly held out for £200 discount, even though Debra threw in a weeks free work from her good self and as that sale faded away so did their chance of victory.

Lorraine, Kate and Howard's choice of a collapsible buggy and a baby head protectors outsold James's team's selection of the aforementioned rocking horse and Birthing pool. Ben, Debra and James were dragged into the boardroom and with that finally the day of reckoning had come for Ben.

Sir Alan saw through the aggressiveness, the untruths, the evasiveness on what he has actually done and at last Ben got fired, and deservedly so. Across the UK the nation cheered.

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