Sunday, 31 May 2009

Clintons marital bliss defies the naysayers

In some quarters (read mainly Republican ) it was felt that the reportedly strained marital arrangement between ex-President Bill Clinton and wife Hillary was a sham and a product of ruthless political calculation. Stories and snipes about the marriage reached a peak in the run up to the Democratic Presidential nomination which Hillary eventually lost to Senator Barack Obama (now President Obama).

To the chargrin of the naysayers there seems to be a new blossom in the relationship, and the The Times reports citings of the pair at intimate dinners in up market eateries such as New Yorks's Cafe Carlye and moonlight strolls along the MacAthur Boulevard in Washingotn DC, the US capital.

This has confounded critics of the pair who had long held that the couple were always one step away from divorce. Initially it was sure to happen after they left the White House in 2001, then it became the day after Hillary secured her Senatorial seat, and then it became the day after Hillary conceded the democratic race to Barack Obama.

All these days have come and gone and the couple seem to be defying the cynics, whose lastest claim is that they are holding out in case Obama fails to secure a second term nomination. However the answer may be simpler, maybe after all the ups and downs of the last two decades the Clintons just enjoy each others company.

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