Sunday, 31 May 2009

Leona Lewis says "no" to Obama

How can a recent winner of a reality TV show tell when they've made it ? When you are too busy to to have dinner with the President of the United States that's when.

Leona Lewis
winner of ITV reality program X-Factor in 2006 has turned down an invitation to have dinner with President Obama, according to a report in the Daily Mirror.

The 24-year-old singer was flattered by the offer but is currently too busy recording her second album in Los Angeles.

A source told the newspaper: "Leona was thrilled to be invited to dinner by Obama. She really wanted to meet him and his wife Michelle - who is a big fan and has her Spirit album.

"They both think she is a strong, inspirational and talented young woman who is a fantastic role model for children. They would love her to get involved in some of their charity projects. But it was really unfortunate that it clashed with her tight schedule to get her second album done."

The insider added: "Leona has had studio sessions in L.A. booked for months and has been working day and night getting things perfect. So there was no way she could make the trip to the White House as it would have put back recording by a week and she's desperate to get it all finished."

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