Monday, 11 May 2009

Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter - Divorce!

It looks like it is all over for the marriage of legendary glamour girl Katie Price (aka Jordan) and her husband Peter Andre. A press release on Katie's website confirms that the couple are to split after four and half years of marriage.

The pair met when they both appeared on the TV reality show "I am a celebrity get me out of here!" in 2004. Peter Andre was a one hit wonder from the nineties who was fading into obscurity and Katie was a glamour model with high ambitions.

Their courtship on the programme seemed unlikely, but not only was it real they went onto get married to the surprise of many. To the less charitable it was even a greater surprise that the marriage lasted so long, for others it seemed Peter Andre was the solidity that Katie Price had long needed to get away from her wilder past.

Katie Price and Peter Andre

Their marriage in 2005 had the tabloids in a frenzy for its lavishness and questionable taste and was an indication of how they planned to live their life as man and wife.

They plunged themselves into a whirlwind of album releases, TV programmes, charity events and a concerted attempt to break into America, although I am not sure what as ..

Their activities did not go unrewarded as the Daily Mail Chav Rich List named them the second richest chav couple, after Victoria and David Beckham, with a joint fortune of £30m.

However by 2007 rumours of the troubles had begun to surface in what had always been a volatile relationship. The couple renewed their vows in South Africa that year as a sign of their commitment, but it looks like those troubles were the beginning of the end and so it has proved.

Being tabloid favourites in no surprise the newspapers are falling over themselves to produce tributes in their own inimitable ways to the crown prince and princess of chavdom.

The Sun has a special video dedicated to the pair (and a hotline number viewers can call to give inside info on the split).

The Mirror has a photo montage of Katie Price's lovers past and present.

The Daily Mail reviews the ups and downs of their tumultuous relationship.

The Daily Star has cleared its deck for what possibly is it's story of the year.

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