Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Wire : BBC starts Season 2 Mon 4th May.

If like me you've been struggling after the BBC forced us to go cold turkey by temporarily stopping the broadcast of The Wire after season 1, you'll be glad to hear it is back on air tomorrow (Mon 4th May 2009). Yes it is time to "re-up" on the The Wire.

The characters you loved from the first season Jimmy McNulty, Stringer Bell, D'Angelo Barksadale, Lt Daniels are back and joined by new faces as the action spills out of the Projects into the Docks of Baltimore.

Season 1 was great but if aficionados of the The Wire are to be believed season 2 ranks as one of the best of the five seasons, so get ready to be entertained and educated by the greatest TV show ever.

Sadly the BBC seems to have changed their minds again as they plan to now broadcast it three days a week rather than the five days we were initially promised. They really need to decide on how they are going to broadcast this and stick with that decision. It is bad enough broadcasting it so late at night, messing around with the schedule will tap the will of even the hardiest fan.

A good thing though is that this season there will be a repeat over the weekend, when the week's three episodes will be repeated back to back

So far the current Broadcast schedule for Season 2 is

Episode 1: Mon 4th May 11:30 pm
Episode 2: Tue 5th May 11:20 pm
Episode 3: Wed 6th May 11:20 pm
Episode 1-3 : Sat 9th May 1:20 am

Episode 4: Mon 11th May 11:20 pm
Episode 5: Tue 12th May 11:20 pm
Episode 6: Wed 13th May 11:25 pm
Episode 4-6 : Sat 16th May 1:20 am
As more details come through I will post them

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  1. it rocks so badly!! oh my GOD! what a show!

    but you're right, the scheduling's a bastard! looks someone wants you to buy the boxset. however, 3 nights isn't as bad as 5... at least you get to go out and play on 2 nights a week ;)