Sunday, 10 May 2009

Nude photos of Rihanna hit the Internet.

It has not been a good year for Rihanna , first there was the bust-up (literally) with former boyfriend Chris Brown and the media frenzy that followed. Just when she thought she got over the worst of that, she falls foul of the 21st century scourge of the celebrity - the stolen sex tape \ nude photos.

The Internet has been awash with six pictures said to be those of Rihanna in which little is left to the imagination as well as one which bears a striking resemblance to ex-beau Chris Brown posing with a unbecoming piece of head gear, a pair of pink knickers.

Angry record company chiefs have called the photos, which have appeared on a number of different websites, “a violation of the artist’s rights” but have not denied the pictures are of Rihanna.

The star herself has refused to comment.

I don't know, may be it is just me but in this day and age taking pictures of yourself on a mobile phone in intimate positions especially if you are a celebrity sounds like madness. Everyone know how easy it is too lose a phone!

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