Sunday, 31 May 2009

Katie Price vs Peter Andre : The Andrew Gould Story....

Andrew Gould had been fingered in the tabloid press as the other man in the breakdown of the marriage between glamour model Katie Price (also known as Jordan) and Peter Andre.

The married Gould, described as Katie Price's hunky horsey pal by the tabloids, has found himself in the centre of one of the biggest celebrity stories of the year. Despite repeated denials of any involvement on his part the constant dripping of stories linking him in some fashion to Katie Price have continued relentlessly. From the "exclusive" in the Daily Mirror in which Price bizarrely confesses all allegedly to ex-Apprentice candidate Mona Lewis through to the "revelation" in the Sun that Price spent three hours home alone with Gould after the separation.

In a frank interview in the Daily Telegraph Gould categorically denies he is "Jordan's other man" and expresses exasperation at the tactics of the tabloids in their attempt to link him into the rift between Price and Andre. As an example he talks about the the tabloid headline "Meet me man to man and I'll save your marriage" which appeared in the Daily Mail. Gould Explains

Gazing down at an array of lurid headlines in the red-top titles, Gould is, momentarily, speechless. ''The sleazy night of wild boozing, flashing and snogging,'' screams one. ''Jordan's hunky riding coach hoofs it,'' shouts another. ''And then there's this,'' Gould says, holding up another with distaste. ''Jordan's handsome horsey pal tells Pete [Andre]: 'Meet me man to man … and I'll save your marriage'.'' His wife, Polly, has fared little better: '' 'Keep your hands off my husband,' says the wife of Andrew Gould, Jordan's new love interest,'' says another.

Sitting at the dining table of his Billingshurst home with Polly, Gould rolls his eyes. ''The last thing I want to do is meet Pete face to face,'' Gould says. ''I got asked if I wanted to meet Pete and I replied: 'I don't think Pete would want to talk to me.' Astonishingly, that turned into a headline saying I want to see him, man to man.''

Read The full interview here.

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