Saturday, 2 May 2009

Eoghan "Eggnog" Quigg's album slammed as worst ever...

The X-Factor is ofter touted as a talent factory, designed to scour the country finding and giving a break to the cream of young British talent. Sadly and possibly in too many cases, it doesn't always work this way as Eoghan Quigg seems to be finding out.

After the unbelievable highs Eoghan, known as "Eggnog" to his many admirers, enjoyed coming third in last year's X-Factor finals he seems to have come tumbling down to earth with a bump. His much awaited album has been pilloried by critics.

Writing in the Daily Mail, Showbiz reporter Lizzie Smith posed the question Is it fair to describe X Factor Eoghan Quigg's debut album as 'the worst ever made'?

In the article she quotes a music critic from the Guardian newspaper who said

'It's an objectively bad album, so bad that it would count as a new low for popular culture, were it possible to class it as either culture (its producers barely even approached it as music) or popular,'

She herself does not help matters when she compares it to such musical icons as "Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits". The album self-titled "Eoghan Quigg" is on sale at Amazon from £4.99.

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