Sunday, 17 May 2009

Apprentice UK : Eight go to Mar-gay-te

OK I am very late this week but as they say better late than never. This week the teams were sent to Margate and the task was to come up with a marketing programme to re-brand the seaside resort.

The teams were unchanged from last week. Mona, James, Debra and Howard were in Ignite while Kate, Yasmine, Ben and Lorraine were in Empire. The task kicked off with both teams selecting a theme for their re-brand.

Ignite opted for a gay theme over Mona's objections, she thought a family theme would be more in keeping with the town. Maybe the rest of the team were hoping Howard who is gay would give them some insight, they were sadly mistaken.

Empire on the other hand went for the family theme and apart form some bickering between Loraine and Yasmine they ran a fairly smooth operation. Although as has become standard Ben chirped in with some less than insightful contributions including the gem "Margate is not Seychelles" talk about stating the bloody obvious!

His other nugget was one that would ensure he gets a frosty reception on his next visit to the seaside resort, in between prancing around pretending to be a director during the photoshoot he asked during one of the photo sessions for "more of the sea less of Margate". Way to go Ben.

However despite Ben's faux pas and the bickering between Yasmine and Lorraine, their presentation while not cutting edge was reasonably professional and well put together.

Ignite of the other seemed to be going along swimmingly despite Mona's awkward interrogation on a transsexual in which she sought to establish what their gender was. She and James in my opinion got a reasonable batch of photos which is what they were tasked with.

It was back at HQ with Debra and Howard that it all went horribly wrong, their time keeping was atrocious and the poster Debra designed had glaring portions of whiteness with no content, a no-no for the posters.

In the presentations they made to the advertising Execs and Council officials that were judging the teams, Howard tried to cover it up with a silly white lie about reserving the white space for advertising, but is was such obvious bull it got nowhere. To compound matters in response to some other questions he cited spurious statistics that were again a load of bull.

No surprise than that when it came to the crunch, Ignite's marketing plan for Margate was voted a flop and they lost the task. Debra the team leader brought Mona and James into the boardroom. Now in my book Debra should have been fired not only was she the team leader of the losing team, but she also made the most glaring mistake.

Sir Alan however was not to be bothered with facts on this occasion and decided Mona was too be sacked for not being strong enough over the series. Well it his money I guess.

Mona Lewis

So we lose the lovely Mona, but even she admitted that she had really gone as far as she would reasonably expect to.

Stands out this week

Mona Lewis
In the final weeks Sir Alan has more or less decided who he can hire and who he wants to fire and when one of the chosen ones is threatened it seems he fishes around for feeble reasons to keep them in and fire the one if the "unwanted". Mona who did no wrong this week was fired instead of Debra who did practically every thing wrong

Debra Barr
I was disappointed with Debra as she was one I had picked out as one of the better candidates, but she fell to pieces on this task and I really wonder if there really is any substance behind that hard ice cold facade. She cocked up the posters and her time management was a joke. Why she wasn't fired only Sir Alan knows.

Howard Ebison
In some quarters he is viewed as a potential finalist, but I just can't see it. Too often he has stayed out of the limelight and when he steps up to the plate his impact is barely noticeable. This week he wanted to be PM but was brow beaten in submission by Debra, he spotted the issues Debra was making with posters but again backed down in what was a crucial argument and to cap it all in the presentations had to push lies that were barely credible to defend Debra's mistakes.

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