Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Apprentice UK : The Egos are back...

...and they are bigger, brasher and dare I say more incompetent than ever. Yes the fifth series of The Apprentice hit the screens this evening and as usual a motley group of smug, narcissistic and opinionated wannabes in suits are all fighting to be the next apprentice of Amstrad founder Sir Alan Sugar.

It seems as the years go by the quality of candidates is deteriorating and it's becoming more like Big Brother or any other downmarket reality TV show. Nevertheless I still find it entertaining.

Today's episode saw the boys "Team Empire" and the girls "Team Ignite" battle for supremacy in task to see who can earn the most money from washing cars. The girls made the most money but also had the highest costs, so lost.

There so many new faces so it is difficult to get a feel for who's who but a couple of people stood out

Debra Barr: Taken into the boardroom today by her team leader, Mona. She has all the hallmarks of the series villain cold, ruthless and not immune from telling bare-faced lies. She'll go far.

Mona Lewis: solely on her role as debutant Project Manager for the girls, did not cover herself in glory but was ready and able to fight her corner to the bitter end.

Philip Taylor : He is an Estate Agent, do I really need to say more. Stood out amongst the boys primarily for ignoring his Project Manager's (Howard) explicit instructions to was only car exteriors and turning around to accuse him of not giving instructions later on.

No doubt more characters will develop over the weeks and we will be here to bring our view to you.

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