Monday, 9 March 2009

Dancing with Ice : It's only entertainment folks

It looks like another John Sergeant type situation is developing on ITV's dancing on ice. We initially thought Todd Carty was the new 'John Sergeant' but we were wrong bubbling away under the radar was Coleen Nolan and she has turned out to be Dancing On Ice's 'John Sergeant '.

Admittedly she was never as dire as John was on Strictly Come Dancing, but she has been clearly outperformed skating-wise by a least three of the celebs that have been eliminated namely; Zoe Salmon (former Blue Peter presenter), Roxanne Pallet(Emmerdale actress) and Melinda Messenger (Model and TV presenter).

No surprise them that Internet fora and newspapers are questioning whether Coleen deserves to have got this far, claiming her quality of skating is far below that of most of the peers and her continual stay demeans the programme.

Please! Why do people forget that this is ultimately an entertainment show and if Coleen entertains folk then all power to her and long may she reign on the ice. At 15Bytes we would love to see Coleen win rather than the ever-smug and annoyingly capable Ray Quinn .

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