Thursday, 5 March 2009

Britney is Back. Come back tour kicks off

It's been five years since Britney last hit the concert tour and that's no surprise with the problems she's had. It looks like she's sorted herself out and is now back making music and hopefully more cash as well. Her comeback tour, dubbed the Circus Tour kicked off in New Orleans yesterday at the New Orleans Arena before it heads off to more venues across the USA, Canada and the UK

Here's what the critics had to say

Los Angeles Times

Despite that first-night stumble and several numbers in which her dancing was no more than adequate, Spears can safely call this performance a success. She apparently has no interest in proving herself as a vocalist; Pink is a better acrobat and her friend Justin Timberlake is a far better dancer.


Spears was met with wild applause as she first appeared descending from the ceiling on hoops suspended by wires.

But the star did not interact much with the crowd - only saying to the audience, "Thank you, New Orleans", at the end of the nearly two-hour show.

The Times (London)

Although Spears chose to mime rather than sing live during the first of her Circus Tour shows, the New Orleans audience went wild for the star, who swiftly proved she had finally returned to form following a protracted public meltdown.

Entertainment Weekly

The "Circus" tour was another strong step in the right direction. Spears didn't interact much with the crowd — the only thing she uttered to the audience was "Thank you, New Orleans" at the end of the nearly two-hour show — and appeared at times to be lip-synching. But fans didn't seem to care, screaming wildly at the first sight of Spears, who descended from the ceiling on hoops suspended by wires, wearing a short red and black ringmaster ensemble.

and a peek behind the scenes as Britney prepares for the tour....

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