Thursday, 26 March 2009

Most expensive streets in the UK. No5 - The Bishops Avenue

No. 5 - The Bishops Avenue N2 (London Borough of Barnet)

If you took a poll of Londoners and ask them to name the most expensive road in the capital, The Bishops Avenue would be right up there. With massive and ostentatious mansions straddling the boulevard-like road, The Bishops Avenue reeks of power and money and not in an understated way.

With an apartment selling for £7 million in the midst of the Credit Crunch you know the residents of this road are not shackled by the same financial constraints as you and I. In the 1990's it was said that Saudi King Fahd fell so in love with the road in addition to his main home, he bought four more homes for his guests, while other members of the Saudi royal family have picked up a further five. The UK's richest man Lakshmi Mittal is also a resident.

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