Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Michelle Obama is the flavour of the Month... publishing circles.

Vogue the iconic fashion Magazine had her on their cover for this March's edition. Oprah Winfrey's Magazine Oprah has also muscled in on the action with the latest edition which goes on sale March 17 also featuring Mrs Obama

Even the New Yorker which in the run up to the election featured the infamous cartoon of an AK-47 totting Michelle fist bumping with a taliban-esque garbed Barack has succumbed to the 'Michelle Obama as a fashion icon craze' currently sweeping the nation with its latest cover

However not everyone seems to be getting it right. Glamour Magazine's take on the this trend is a shoot featuring Alicia Keys and two child models as as Michelle, Sasha and Malia as part of their American icons series. We love Alicia Keys but we aren't feeling this faux-family Obama.

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