Friday, 13 March 2009

Michael Jacksons' London concerts sell out in minutes

Who would have thought, he may well have been in King of Pop in the Eighties, but this is 2009, he is half a century old and over the last few years has been dogged by lurid allegations in his personal life.

Could he really sell tickets for 50 (yes 50!) live shows at London's huge concert venue, the 02 centre? Yes he can. Over the space of a few hours this morning a million tickets for Michael Jackson's 'This is it' concerts to be held between now and February 2010 were completely sold out.

Organisers of the concert claim they ticket sale set a new world record (they would, wouldn't they) selling 11 tickets every second.

This being the Internet age it comes as no suprise though that many of these tickets have found their on to online auctions website like EBay on offer for between £170 and an eye-watering £10,000 compared to their cover price of £75.

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