Saturday, 21 March 2009

"Slumdog" Kids hit the catwalk at Delhi fashion week

Can't they really go back to the way they were and should they!.

It has been a momentous couple of weeks for the child stars of the multi-Oscar winning hit Slumdog Millionaire, Rubina Ali and Mohammed Azharuddin Ismail. Plucked from the grinding poverty of the slums of Mumbai which were the focus of the film they starred in, they have been catapulted into the heady world of show business, glitz and fame.

February saw them hob-nobbing with Hollywood stars at the Oscars and now they've hit the catwalk at the Delhi fashion show. All this must be a million miles from the life they knew before Slumdog, but where do they go from here

There were many promises to pull the children and their family out of the grinding poverty they are surrounded with but so far little has happened. They have had a trust fund set up for them by the film makers but that provides funds for the long term.

Let's hope more changes soon, particualrly getting them somewhere good to live

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