Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Critics round on Madonna over 2nd Malawi Baby

The knives are out for Madonna. It seems her plans to adopt another baby from Malawi is leaving critics spluttering on their double decaf Cappuccinos and choking on their slim-line almond croissants

Take Andrea Peyser from the NY Post

The baby monster must be stopped! Stuck in a midlife crisis, Madonna is hoping to soothe the pain of being 50, manless and well past her freshness-expiration date by taking home a Third World daughter to match the last baby she bought like a human trinket.

Recently divorced for the second time, and accompanied by three children who should be in school -- and not advancing Madonna's pathetic cry for help -- she has traveled to the African nation of Malawi.

and Sue Caroll from the Daily Mirror

Madonna's arrival in Malawi to 'adopt' yet another poor child is the latest example of a new breed of showbiz imperialist who preys on the misfortunes of nations too impoverished to resist.

This increasingly desperate woman is unable to do anything - let alone adopt another poor child - with an iota of dignity or decorum.

This could be another tour, another album or another marriage such is her casual disregard for the emotional delicacies surrounding a huge undertaking like this.

Why is this super-rich egotist allowed to indulge in a spot of celebrity human trafficking?

Ouch !

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