Thursday, 12 March 2009

The richest celebrities in the world 2009.

We know Bill Gates is back as the richest man in the world. He is so well known he is arguably a celebrity in addition to being the the richest software entrepreneur in the world, but is he a celebrity in a 15 bytes sense? Well not really, so who is?

For this we turn again to Forbes to find the richest celebrities in the world.

Michael Bloomberg ($16bn) - The Mayor of New York city who made his money providing financial information to wall Street and beyond is top of the list with a hefty $16bn.

Steve Jobs ($3.4bn) - The public face of Apple Computers and technology evangelist may be physically waning, but financially he is still in good health

Steven Spielberg ($3bn) - He was brought magic to our screens with his films over the years and has reaped substantial rewards.

George Lucas ($3bn) - Star Wars continues to top the favourite film list of film buffs and the success of the franchise has proved to be a success for George Lucas

Giorgio Armani ($2.8bn) - A stalwart of the fashion industry and designer to the stars, Giorgio Armani sits pretty with a fortune of $2.8bn

Ralph Lauren ($2.8bn) - Not to be outdone by his Italian counterpart, fashion designer Ralph Lauren also makes the list at the same position as Armani

Oprah Winfrey ($2.7bn) - The doyen of daytime TV and friend of the stars, Ms Winfrey has built a very profitable media empire from scratch.

Richard Branson ($2.5bn) - The affable British billionaire, owner of the Virgin brand, consunmate self promoter and Britian's most admired entrepreneur makes the list.

Donald Trump ($1.6bn) - He has fired and hired on his hit show The Apprentice and looking at his net worth it is no suprise hundred of eager young things are queuing up for the show.

JK Rowling ($1bn) - Her Harry Potter books have captured the imagination of the old and young all over the world and her bank balance is all the better for that

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  1. Oprah Winfrey = 275 millions, ..not billions

  2. Oprah is definitely a Billionaire!

  3. I am more talented and intelligent than all of them so why am I poor?

  4. @Drunken Editor....

    I guess there is some element of luck involved, and you know what they say about luck - "it is opportunity meeting preparation".

    Now it just a case of looking out for the opportunity

  5. oprah makes over $200 million each year fool

  6. @Anonymous.

    The list is about total wealth not yearly income.